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About Us

Our vision is for STUDENTS to:

1. Gain a better understanding of God, self and environment.
2. Engage with teachers as partners in learning, in order to experience accelerated academic and sporting progress.
3. Exit MHC with a fertile imagination, soaring self-esteem and zest for lifelong learning.

Our vision is for Parents to:

1. Engage teachers and students as partners in learning in our efforts to expertly deliver the British and Nigerian curricula.
2. Be provided a continually improving service that is considered excellent value for money.
3. Experience intense satisfaction, which leads to positive recommendation.

Our vision is for all STAFF to:

1. Experience the joy of sharing knowledge, skills and experiences.
2. Receive top bracket remuneration.
3. Experience unrivaled training in order to increase the number of outstanding teachers available to the school and nation.

Our vision is to ensure that all SUPPLIERS/other STAKEHOLDERS

1. Treated with dignity that fosters mutually beneficial relationships.
2. Share our vision of Work Related Learning (WRL), thus making learning relevant and practical for our students.
3. Regard us as a socially responsible organisation due to our community work.