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Our vision is for STUDENTS to:

1. Gain a better understanding of God, self and environment.
2. Engage with teachers as partners in learning, in order to experience accelerated academic and sporting progress.
3. Exit MHC with a fertile imagination, soaring self-esteem and zest for lifelong learning.

Our vision is for PARENTS to:

1. Engage teachers and students as partners in learning in our efforts to expertly deliver the British and Nigerian curricula.
2. Be provided a continually improving service that is considered excellent value for money.
3. Experience intense satisfaction, which leads to positive recommendation.



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100% of our students attained 5A*-C or more

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Mrs. Fatimo Olabisi Okeowo

Director of Studies, College
Fatimo Olabisi Okeowo is a passionate educationist with a strong desire for fostering positive behaviour in children. Her educational philosophy is based on giving children the right support while working in collaboration with them to harness their potentials and make progress. This philosophy has culminated in a track record of helping children exceed in their academic expectations.

After graduating from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria with a Diploma (1998) and a B.Sc. (2004) both in Integrated Science Education, she has gone further to obtain a PGCEi from the University of Nottingham.

She has a diverse background in Education in the Northern and Western parts of Nigeria. Over the years, she has gained proficiency in the pedagogy of the British and Nigerian curricula and has taught Science for over 13 years.

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