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Lunch Subscription

Lunch Menu

Week 1 - 2
Week 5 - 6
Jollof Rice/ fried rice
Grilled chicken
Fruit in season
Boiled yam, yam pottage, egg sauce, fish sauce and beef in stew.
Milk drink
Eba, semovita and amala
With Egusi, Ewedu ,Ogbono, okro and stew
Fruit in season.

White spaghetti, jollof spaghetti and fried spaghetti with beef
Moimoi , aganyin beans, with plantain and fish

French Fries
Pizza /sausage
Ice-cream (6th week)
White rice,jollof rice
Ofada sauce
Shredded beef sauce
Milk drink
Week 3 - 4
Week 7 - 8
Jollof rice /fried rice grilled chicken plantain

Fruit in season
White Spaghetti, jollof spaghetti and fried spaghetti with beef.

Milk drink
Moimoi , beans with bread roll and fried fish Eba, semovita, Amala
Okoro, ogbono ewedu with stew beef .
Fruit in season

Boiled yam, yam pottage ,egg sauce and beef n stew
White rice ,jollof rice
With shredded beef sauce and beef
Milk drink

Terms and Conditions:
1. Evidence of payment should be made available before the resumption of the term to the Accounts Department.
2. Activation of Lunch service is strictly on payment confirmation.
3. Irrespective of the date of payment, lunch subscription will not be treated on a pro-rata basis.
4. For payments made on resumption day or during the term, lunch will only be served 24 hours after payment has been duly confirmed by the Accounts Department.
5. Children with special diets and or food allergies would not be catered for by the school.

For parents not interested in school lunch.
>Kindly give your child daily packed lunch.


COLLEGE – N50,000

Fill the Lunch Subscription Form:

  • Kindly use the same email address on the quickteller platform while making payment.
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.

Account Information

Account name: Daisy Meadow Hall School
Account Number: 1013696820
Bank Name: Zenith Bank