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The name “Meadow Hall”

The Name "Meadow Hall"

When I think of a meadow, I think of beauty in it’s most natural and untapped form. And so are children! beautiful, innocent and full of untapped potential, but with careful nurturing within the “right environment”, there are no limits to the heights they can attain.

Some years after we started Meadow Hall, I had an unforgettable dream – I saw myself running around joyfully in a meadow filled with lots and lots of beautiful buttercups. As I moved in between the sea of yellow flowers, I felt a deep sense of joy and freedom. It seemed nothing was insurmountable; I had a sense of liberation, freedom. I felt free – free to fulfill my deepest potential and to express myself.

When I woke up, I realized that as I had been opportuned and blessed to find my path in life, so I had been given the responsibility by God  to help the children in our ‘meadow’ find their own life’s calling by laying the foundation that would help them achieve this later in life.

Dr. Kehinde Nwani