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Dear M-Hall Alumni,

You are a member of a distinctive group of people who graduated from Meadow Hall. This community of people, now numbering over 500, continues to make significant and distinctive contributions to the society and many related fields.

What you have collectively accomplished, is in large measure responsible for the ever-growing tradition and reputation of the school. In like measure, that reputation enhances the core values of the school.

Meadow Hall has been working to strengthen its connection with our alumni over the past years. As the M-Hall Alumni Relations Officer, I am committed to continuing this work, with the goal of making your connection with Meadow Hall a lifelong one that will be mutually beneficial.

You can remain involved with the School in many ways. First and foremost, please keep us posted on where you are and what you are doing by sending a mail to

Follow us on twitter @MeadowHallLekki or like our page on facebook by clicking

Of course, ideas and contributions are always welcome because this is a vital resource to the School’s development. If you would like to make a contribution, or have an idea for an innovative improvement, please contact Joan at +2348073000556 or at

I appreciate your support and honor your continued involvement with the Meadow Hall family of faculty, students, staff, and alumni.

Thank you.

Meadow Hall Alumni Registration Form: