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At Meadow Hall, we run a site-based curriculum made up of the delicate blend of the British National Curriculum and the strength of the Nigerian curriculum.

The British National Curriculum applies to pupils of compulsory school age. It is organised on the basis of four key stages: Key Stage 1 (5 – 7 years) and Key Stage 2 (7 – 11 years) fall within the Primary School, while Key Stage 3 (11 – 14) and Key Stage 4 (14 – 16) fall within the Secondary School.

The subjects under the curriculum will be “Core Subjects”:
• English (Literacy)
• Maths (Numeracy)
• Science
And the non-core foundational subjects include:
• Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
• French
• Arts & Craft
• Music
• History
• Physical Education
• Geography

Also the British Curriculum aims at getting the pupils ready for Standard Attainment Tests (SATS) at the end of Year 2, Year 6 and Year 9 and for their IGSCEs (International General Certificate of Secondary Education Exams) in year 11.

The Nigerian Curriculum will be taught along with the British Curriculum. Subjects taught under this curriculum include Social Studies, Religious Education and Nigerian Languages.

Our site-based curriculum aims to help pupils:
• Read fluently and accurately with understanding and discrimination
• Develop a legible and neat style of writing and high standards of spelling
• Communicate clearly and confidently in speech
• Listen attentively and with understanding
• Learn how to acquire information from various sources and record their findings
• Compute with speed and accuracy
• Apply mathematical ideas to all areas
• Analyse, infer and deduce facts from any given information, thereby developing their critical thinking skills.
• Explore, investigate, observe and deduce logical conclusions from their findings about themselves and reference resources will be imported and also bought locally
• Become life-long learners
• Prepare for real life and the challenges of the future by making them smarter, more adaptable and better prepared
• Achieve their God-given destiny

Field trips are also a vital part of our curriculum as children go on curriculum-related trips both within and outside the country to experience, first-hand, what they have been taught in class. They are therefore opportuned to apply knowledge gained to real life situations.