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About Us

Meadow Hall Infant School is a nursery school for children from 3 months to about 5 years. Our teaching staff are experienced early years educators.

We offer the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum with excellent links with the Nigerian Curriculum, using some Montessori principles and resources.

Our nursery staff works together as a team and our children choose from a wide range of activities with strong emphasis on learning through play.
We believe “Play is the work of young children”.

We work towards providing practical opportunities and experiences because we know that children learn by “doing”. Our plans are shared with parents through our newsletters and Parent Seminars, which come up at the beginning of every term.

Our staff keep records and observation of the children’s development. We have Open Days when parents come in and talk about their children’s progress. Our children are encouraged to bring healthy snacks and food daily. Any child with a fruit or vegetable gets a sticker on our healthy living chart.

Every term, we have Year Group Meetings, where Parents, Teachers in the same year group and Senior Leadership Team meet and discuss challenges and suggest ways to improve the quality of learning.

Our parents cooperate with us to bring out the best in our children. They are always welcomed into our classes to support us by telling us stories, during cookery, artwork, excursions, and as Star Mums and Dads.