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About MHall Ikoyi

Welcome to Meadow Hall Ikoyi

Meadow hall, the place to excel, has opened another site in Ikoyi

Meadow hall is a co-educational institution that runs an integrated scheme made up of the British and the Nigerian curricula.

Our vision is to raise excellent and Godly children who will attain their highest potential in life and become life-long learners

We create beautiful, safe, stimulating and interesting environment for children to grow and develop. Our experienced and well-trained academic and non-academic staff are committed to providing every child with a wholesome, qualitative and well-rounded experience- which is essential for their total educational development and well being in their formative years.


Established in Lekki in 2002

Opened a new site in 2014

Meadow Hall consists of an infant school, Junior School and College.

Has a total population of about a 1,100 students.

Meadow Hall is a member of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS),

The Association of Christian International (ACSI), the Association of Private Educators in Nigeria (APEN).

Its core values are referred to as the 7C’s – Christ, Care, Cleanliness, Creativity, Culture, Community and Citizenship.

Our unique selling point is a delicate blend of British curriculum and the rich cultural content of the Nigerian with a focus on the spiritual development of the children.

In Meadow Hall, we believe every child matters, so differentiation is practised and in addition, we have a SEN department for students with special education needs.

We believe in multiple intelligences and have incorporated these intelligences into our extra-curricular programmes in order to raise well rounded students.

Meadow Hall has other subsidiaries –Meadow Hall Consult, Meadow Hall Branchise, Spring Meadow and Meadow Hall Foundation.

At Meadow Hall we pride ourselves in raising children that are able to think out of the box and are prepared to tackle global challenges.

For more information on registering your children/wards please call;

07051190416, 08073000554, 08073000556,